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Make a Submission


How to Submit

Submissions should be sent directly to the Editor at theoxfordphilosopher.editor@gmail.com. Please ensure your email includes a subject and a brief greeting to avoid misplacement in our ‘junk’ folder. We prefer to review submissions in Microsoft Word.

General Guidelines

Our general agenda underscores a commitment to accessibility, novelty and diversity. Consequently we accept submissions on all topics of philosophy providing they are:

These are the qualifications of any standard-issue submission. Should you wish to submit a paper of an alternative nature – a literature review, a report, a musing – be sure to declare this in your email.

Turnaround Time

Unfortunately, we cannot reply to every email we receive. Should your submission meet the above criteria, however, you may expect a response within thirty days. From there the Editor may offer corrections or general feedback, followed by a provisional date of publication.


Once your submission is published we will amend any errors or typos without notifying you. If you have any revisions of your own, be sure to contact us immediately.