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M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T

The Oxford Philosopher is an online philosophy journal established in 2014. Once a collaborative project between the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University, we are now an unaffiliated publication with a unique interest in accessible, inclusive philosophical scholarship. This is to say we circulate university-grade essays with an informal twist. For us, good philosophy is both compelling and digestible, both informative and unpretentious, so here we have aimed to create an online platform that welcomes experts and laymen with equally open arms. Anyone can read The Oxford Philosopher, and anyone can contribute to it. To this end, our editorial team have made the following commitments:

  • Readers can access our content for free.
  • Contributors can be of any background.
  • Contributors need not conform to any specific style, tone, or referencing system.
  • Manuscript topics can be interdisciplinary, unconventional, or obscure.

In adhering to these policies, we hope to fulfil this publication’s main purpose: to provide philosophers with a means of publishing research considered too informal or experimental for other journals. A home for homeless scholarship.



We owe our initial funding to the Royal Institute of Philosophy and the Institute of Philosophy. If you are interested in supporting our publication and its team, please visit our Patreon page.


K E Y   W O R D S

Philosophy, philosophical, quarterly, journal, research, criticism, analysis, debate, periodical, review, theory, studies, metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, ethics, moral, knowledge, logic, history.


E D I T O R 
George P. Simmonds

E D I T O R I A L   A S S O C I A T E
Elz Nichols

E D I T O R I A L   A S S O C I A T E
Lewis Hurst

E D I T O R I A L   A S S O C I A T E
Raj Poswel

W E B   D E S I G N E R
Grace Conway-Smith