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St Aldgate’s Tavern, Oxford, where our founders met in 2014 to discuss setting up a journal of their own

The Oxford Philosopher is an online philosophy journal established in June 2014. Characterised by our interest in diverse and accessible scholarship, we aim to provide a modern-day platform for philosophical research and debate that appeals to both experts and laymen. Once a quarterly journal, we now post periodically in interest of maintaining consistently excellent material.

Breadth and inclusiveness are central to our agenda as a publication. We invest in research on all topics of philosophy, from all philosophers, and have actively expanded our field of operation to involve universities in the US, Canada, Australia, France, Norway, Thailand, Vietnam – and a number of others. In doing so we hope to build a picture of the philosophical community on a global scale and not simply from the perspective of British schools.

We are for the most part a student-run journal based in Oxford and London; and though we do not formally associate with any specific university, we have close ties with the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University. Though we may as a result promote lectures and events taking place at these institutions, we in no way favour submissions from their staff or alumni. Anyone of a philosophical disposition is encouraged to contribute.

Much has changed since the concept of The Oxford Philosopher was broached over a bottle of wine at St Aldgate’s Tavern, Oxford, but as a team we are pleased with the direction it has taken and look forward to sharing its ideas with you in the future.

Mr George P. Simmonds, Editor

Having earned his philosophy degree back in 2015, George’s work has featured in Philosophy NewsThe Huffington Post and The History Press. Early modern metaphysics being his chief interest, he is now focusing on women philosophers of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe. He and his team manage around thirty regular contributors and an annual traffic of more than 50,000 visitors.

Dr Elz Nichols, Editorial Associate

Hailing from the University of Zurich, Elz came to Oxford to complete her MA in international relations. She returned to philosophy for her PhD, looking into the concept of “the Other” and its role in modern conflict. Having featured in a number of political and philosophical publications, Elz is now teaching at a local college, where she hopes to inspire young minds to take up the discipline.

Mr Lewis D. HurstEditorial Associate

A mathematician by trade, Lewis is our expert on logic and the philosophy of science. Having completed his MPhil in 2015, he is now in the midst of a PhD at the University of Nottingham, where he is working on something he claims we philosophers would never understand. His most recent project is due to feature in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science later this year.

Mr George P. Simmonds | Editor
Dr Eileen Nichols | Editorial Associate
Mr Lewis D. Hurst | Editorial Associate
Ms Grace Conway-Smith | Design